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5 gadgets Android users should have

5 gadgets Android users should have

Hellooou... Android users, This post is especially for android users, so if you are iPhone users please jump from this place right now. :v...
black mart alpha blackmarket download how to get paid apps for free on android

How to download paid apps for free Blackmart alpha for Android apk?

How to download paid apps for free ? Well, how to download android apps for free. It is a popular question among android users. And...

Download best softwares of all the time for FREE

Most of the time a common man may not have enough money to purchase every software and use or the software cost are not...

6 Pro methods to Learn Programming for FREE!

Do you think programming is something a messy which everyone cannot. And you think a good programmer have some special skill do get the...
uber free ride hack

Uber Free Ride Hack | How to get unlimited free ride with UBER ?

Let's know how it's possible to get uber free ride (S) !   It have been few years when OLA and UBER came in the transportation...
no network jio sim solved

[7 Soltions] No network Jio sim | No signal in Jio sim [solved]

No network Jio sim! No signal in Jio sim! How to solve the network problem in Jio sim.   How to get network in Jio sim or...

How to port my mobile number to jio. [5 easy steps]

How to port my number to jio or reliance jio was the 1st question from the Iphone users and one sim card enabled device users. Well, so...

JPEG to 3D Microsoft is working for a new design!

  The latest news about Microsoft is that the brand  is that Microsoft the tech giant in the computer industry  has joined the 3D formats working...

The java program to print India map with quote and your NAME.

The program to print India map .   import java.io.*; public class india { static String yourname="Rana Jayant"; public static void main(String args) throws Exception { String obfs="TFy!QJu ROo TNn(ROo)SLq SLq ULo+UHs...

Do you Google Like a pro. Become pro by this 2 minutes tips.

#1. You must have heard about it that "Any thing you search on google records in their server" . yes it does, and You...

Read this before you buy a new computer

When To Buy A New Computer And What To Do With The Old One Computers are great. When you receive your first computer, you will...
how to use dual whatsapp

How to use two whatsapp on unrooted phone ?

  The idea of using dual WhatsApp on Your phone is simple in 4 steps. Download the 2nd Whatsapp APK "GbWhatsapp" Start developer mode. (How...