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7 missing apps from platstore

7 Useful Android Apps not Available on PlayStore

There are so many apps out there in the marketplace. Since 2013 google wasn't strick enough with android developers and play store but then...
ping sites list

The Best 566 ping sites list from ShoutMeLoud, HellBoundBloggers & More

What is ping, and why you should ping your website? In blogging and digital marketing term Ping is a process of requesting a website for...
10 things to know about apple

10 Things you Don’t know about Apple

Apple is just not just a brand or which produces the good looking iPhones and Macbook =s but also many things.  It is also not...

macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 update released with good improvements

The Apple has released mac os High Sierra 10.13.2 and iOS 11.2 beta version in this December. This update fixes many bugs and has new...

Top 11 Best VPN Services to Increase Speed

In this article, I am going to tell you about Best VPN services which you can use to increase your Internet speed After reading this...
Is it necessary to have a laptop as a computer science student LEARN BY DOING

5 Things you are missing Not having a laptop

If you are a student then you know how important a laptop is. In everyday life, you might not need a laptop but if...
Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Top 20 Hacking Movies List

Hacking: Hacking is tracing and utilizing the weakness in the computer networks, which helps in entering into company database. One who does a lot of...

3 ways to delete your iPhone contact

Did you know that there are three different ways to delete the contact from your iPhone? Smartphones have wiped away little phonebooks, calculators, camera,...

7 Simple Ways to charge your iPhone Faster

7 Simple Ways to charge your iPhone battery faster:- The iPhone has been maintaining the design quality right from the release of its first product. Now...

[solved] Why is my iphone battery draining so fast?

One of common issue iPhone users faces "iPhone Battery Drain". Now what it is why does it happe? That's what we are covering in...

Google tools and services for business

In today’s world, we can clearly state that the internet is the most powerful thing to do business. From searching for a business idea...
best best productivity apps and websites

Top 10 productivity websites you should know in 2018.

Here in this page we would like to represent you about few productivity websites you should try and make a use of it . 1. Quora To...