Best Tips to know Before Learning Programming

things to know before learning programming


New to programming? No worry, Here is the list of 5 tips which will help you to start from basic and do top. I know learning programming is little tempting but this curiosity you have to maintain until the time you learn it.

Ready To Start, Here you go,

#1 Solve a Real Problem-

Just like any other problem you have to think how can you solve it. Yes without any mathematics but with your own bran.

Take a real-time problem which can be solved by programming concentrate on the main basis of the problem and think how you can solve it. The first attempt may consume a lot of time in getting the logic but, from the next time, you will take less time to solve another problem.

#2 Start with High-Level Information-

Gather information which is necessary to the programming part, exclude the things which are not really necessary except for theory knowledge. Start minimizing things by reducing the unnecessary part, best Programming starts with reducing the complex work. So, Remember the theory works a lot in programming part.

#3 Don’t Spend Lots of Time Learning Big  Chunks-

Try to spend less time on learning big volume of data, make the study simple and perfect. choose examples to understand the topic easily instead of spending lot of time on theory part, this helps you in saving time which can be used to spend on even learning new concepts.

#4 Do Spend Time Setting Up Your Environment-

Set up the environment suitable for starting coding, use best editors like Vim or notepad++ which helps you in easily writing and editing the coding. Install the software and related drivers necessary for programming. Make sure the coding will be done in less time further leaving time to work more.

#5 Do single tasking, don’t rush to complete the work-


Multi-tasking kills you, never go for multi-tasking it kills a lot of time by raising confusion resulting in not completing even a single task. Don’t rush in hurry, take as much time you required but finish the coding without any errors.



Afraid to learn Programming?

No worry, Everone has that fear. Once you will start from basic you will start understanding. This is not rocket science and millions of people are already doing this. No doubt you can ahead and learn.

Few channels I recommend to learn to program for free:

Youtube: The New Boston

Java Basic To Advance: Java Point

HTML CSS WEB: w3schools

New programming languages have come into existence, which has a lot of demand in the programming field like java, python, C and other languages.

People who are new to programming environment may have a doubt,  How to become professional in a programming language and to choose the Most leading language. But no issue you can start either with C or Java. They are really popular in the market, once you are done with basics you can start developing small applications and start learning on an advanced level.

These points helps you in doing good in programming, you may more tips in experience which may also work in becoming a professional programmer. If you have some more tips to share let me know.

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